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Statuatory holidays 2023

2023 will have seven statuatory holidays, including January 1st, which are considered as mandatory days off for all workers. One of these will be moved to the following Monday thus creating a long weekend or, as we call it in Mexico, a "puente" (bridge). These days are:

Sunday January 1st

Monday February 6th due to Constitution Day which is commemorated on February 5th

Monday March 20th for Benito Juárez's birthday on the same day

Monday May 1st, International Labor Day

Saturday September 16th, Mexico's Independence Day

Monday November 20th due to the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution

Monday December 25th for Christmas Day

The labor code estipulates that when an employee works on a day of mandatory time off, they will be entitled to additional pay of twice their regular salary on top of their regular pay. For example, if an employee earns $500.00 per day and worked during any of the days mentioned above, they would be entitled to $1,500 which is the equivalent to their regular pay plus a bonus of twice their daily salary

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Paula Blanco, C.P.A.

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